Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bad Show san!

I really am not pleased at what san did to me this morning. NOT PLEASED!
san decided that I needed gigantic capsules! I tell you- just because I am quite good at eating capsules, it does not mean that I should? Am I right or am I right?
and I do not care that it is non-GMO or has offur sources of 369!

san told me this morning that she would try to give me somefing else. She said it would be better fur me as I do not have to take it effuryday - only once in 2 days! So I thot okie, why not. THEN I saw it. It was a gigantic capsule. I would chhhhoke san I said.

But san did not listen as she is sometimes def I know. I can meow at her in the morning, close to her face and she would not wake up! So she put the capsule in some honey and she pushed it into my throat! ARGHHHHH!!! Then I got treats. THAT was the only good part offur this morning.

san: It was a rather big capsule at 1200mg. I didn't expect it to be so big but it will give him all he needs and I only have to give it once in 2 days. Toro took it very well as he got the taste of honey before the capsule. But then Toro is very good with capsules and pills! He's a very good kitty. Btw the BURP capsule is 200mg and has to be taken 3 times a day, which makes it 600mg per day. So 1200 mg every two days should work out to be the same.


  1. Hi, just a suggestion, have you tried cold pressed apple cider vinegar? One of my cats, BB, has a bad stint of UTI a year plus back. The problem wasn't resolved for a few months and I visited 2 different vets to get different options/opinions. The UTI was so bad that one of the vets suggested changing my boy into a girl as a mean of solution! That wasn't an option for me and in desperation, I went on the internet looking for hope and came across this article on ACV. I spyringed BB with a mouthful of diluted ACV every hour and 3 hours later, he managed to pee alittle. I continued twice more and by the next day, he was peeing normally, and the problem never came back. This ACV is good for humans too! Helps keep the kidneys and bladder/urinary tracts clean. One bottle costs SGD6++ in the supermarket (spent over a thousand at the vet prior). Nowadays, I just mixed it with his canned food as a form of maintenance. Hope this helps

  2. Sweet Totoro... Be happy that your san is taking such good care of you. The capsules she gives you will make you feel healthier and happier. But I know how you feel, my mom is also giving me goji berries, noni juice, turmeric, fennel, spelt and other disgusting stuff, but I feel better and better thanks to this.