Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review and FIV test

We went for his 3-month review although Dr P said I could wait for 6 months when she does his next ultra sound and she would do his blood work too. I feel that with his condition, I could not wait so long as his condition may deteriorate quite quickly. The last time he was hospitalised for a whole week and had to be on a drip.

His creatinine has risen to 2.5 from 2.4 and his BUN to 29. These numbers are not surprising as I was told that as a cat with renal failure, his indicators will be like this. The vet Dr L said he is maintaining his levels so she was not unduly worried.

The other test I had done for him is an FIV/FeLV test as we live with an FIV+ kitty, Megat, and the whole gang had a tiff with him. Megat had 2 puncture wounds that got infected. So I have to do the test on the other 3 boys involved. Toro is FIV/FeLV negative. This is good news except now I have to decide if he should get vaccinated against FIV. He is an indoor cat and microchipped. If he ever escapes, I hope to get him back. If he is vaccinated against the virus, he would show positive but it is not possible (yet I read) to determine if he is positive for the virus or positive because of a vaccination. This is my worry as cats may be euthanised just because they have the FIV virus!

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