Monday, October 3, 2011

Final Decisions

I have not vaccinated him with the FIV vaccine as I think his kidney issues are still uncertain. He has put on a lot of weight and even shaven, he is rather chubby ;0 . He now knows the routines - morning breakfast will be followed by meds of 1/4 alutab as the phosphate binder , 1 azodyl tab for his kidneys and 1/2 fortekor for his high blood pressure. Then he gets his face wiped and a once-over with wet tissue. He doesn't like this last thing at all and would try to jump out of my grip. The evening pills will be taken 30 minutes before dinner as his alutab must be taken within one hour before or after food.

The evening meds consist of 1/4 alutab, 1 Nature's Sunshine Kidney activator, I capsule Immunity and Liver Support (from petsalive), 4 drops of Kidney Support and 3 drops of Runipoo Relief (for his digestive system). I also give him pro-kaolin for his stomach lining. He also gets Omega 369. I notice that his appetite was much better after he took the Kidney Support.

On a special note, I have also given him 0.5 sang hwang liquid extract (gold). This is because Megat refuses to take this and I had already paid for it. So I couldn't waste all that money and sang hwang is also good for immunity. So now Toro eats this every evening with some papaya and pumpkin. Megat now has the silver bottle which is not as strong in taste. I do not know how this will affect his kidneys but i think it will only do him good.

I have stopped his shilintong pills as he vomits the day after he takes them. Although Dr Paulik says his kidney stones have become smaller, I still worry about the stones that line both his kidneys.


  1. We just found your blog. We hope Totoro is still doing well.


  2. Totoro is soooo handsome! I hope he continues to do well!