Friday, September 7, 2012

Kidney Surgery for Totoro

 Toro outside the vet hospital at 10.00 this morning
Toro resting at home fatre his breakfast at 11.30 am

Toro will be undergoing kidney surgery tomorrow at 10.00 am with Dr Ly. His left kidney is now not working at all and his right kidney has 2 stones measuring 7.6 mm and 6.5mm, both too big and dangerous. These stones are also blocking his kidney and Dr Ly said that it would be a matter of a few months and his kidney will also fail. So since he is a young at only 7 years old, Dy Ly said it would be in his best interests.

So he will go in for surgery tomorrow at 10.00 am. We have all our fingers and paws crossed.

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