Monday, September 10, 2012

Totoro Sunday on Monday

 We tried to keep things normal at home...asmuch as we can.
 Tanaka: I am keeping the bed warm for bruffer Toro san. Its quite comfotable I must say...
Toro at hospital yesterday Sunday 9th Sept...

Toro spent much of Saturday and Sunday sleeping. The good thing was he had peed several times on Saturday night and Sunday. So toxins are out of his body while his kidney kicks in. I am also encouraged as the vet tech (who lnows Toro very well) said that Dr Ly kept a close eye on him on Saturday night and Sunday as well. Dr Ly would not be in until Wednesday but he keeps tabs on Totoro where he is.  I hope that he would be up on his feet today to eat on his own as yesterday, they had to tube feed him food and water as he was not interested in food or water at all. He just wantd to sleep. I would see him later this evening and would speak to Dr Lee as to his care.

The operation went well and he has to be in hospital where they need to flush his kidney until Tuesday. It was quite fortunate for us that Dr Ly was able to do the operation immediately on Saturday. After his ulta sound with Dr Sabine, we had a consulattion with Dr Ly and Dr Ly recommended an operation as he only had one kidney that is working and not very well at that as he has calculi in it. Dr Ly told me tht if we did not opearte to get rid of the big stones, he would only have a few months! I did not have to think long (!!) and told him that we should do the op immediately.

The next day, we came at 10.00 am and Fern also came in to see him and to give him Reiki. He was calm and quiet the whole time. Dr Ly said he was also under great stress as Toro had only 1 working kidney. He ordered a hole lot of tests - PCV, blood clot and ordered various clamps and a hardcopy of the ultra sound. We had done a blood test last month so that was quite helpful as well.

He had the op done at about 3 plus and I was told that Toro was recovering 'nicely' at 5.20pm. I saw him for a few minutes after that. He was awake but quite weak and then I had to leave as he was in the ICU and Dr Ly had another op to do.

The other kitties were a little subdued on Saturday and they were better yesterday. Tanaka has decided to take charge of Toro's scratch bed and he hangs around that quite often:) 

I hope to have more news and to write about him eating later today :)

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  1. Run free, Tunabelly. Run pain free.

    You remind me of Bon Bon, my silver bullet. You remind me of Xin Xin because both of you are fighting against kidney disease. I will miss you though we have never met.

    Take care, San. And Grandma too.